wee babies

We now have two bouncing baby boys - but James will be the first one to tell you that he's not a BABY - he's a BIG KID. Which is totally true! He'll be THREE next week! 

If you ask James how old he is, he'll say "too old!" At least that's how I hear it - I'm pretty sure he is saying "two [years] old!" I can't even talk about how old he looks in this picture. He's growing like a weed, his mind is going a mile a minute, and he's constantly surprising. Sometimes frustrating - but then again, he's a toddler and we're adults. He's teaching us as much (or more than) we're teaching him, and it's a marvel to know that he's our son. 

Thomas joined us in November 2015, and is pretty amazing. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around him, and that might just take me awhile. He's the last piece of our little family (unless my lobby for another girl dog is successful - need to even the odds!) and it's kind of crazy considering everything that means. So far, he's mellow, sweet, grunty (way louder than James ever was!), serious, and observant. Very interested to get to know this darling boy better. 

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